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Friends of Hi Mom!,

Download movies online. It's time once again to kick out the jams. It's been months since we've had those heaping helpings of delicious short films to satiate our palates and now our cravings compel us to seek filmic nourishment. So, we humbly ask that you send us your creations to help stave off our ravenous hunger. It's officially CALL FOR ENTRIES time! watch movie online

Hi Mom! # 9 is tentatively slated for June 9-10, 2006, but we're ready to get the entries a flowin'. We can't wait to see that incredible short film you just completed or that project you never finished from 15 years ago. You know the one. It had so much potential. So finish it already! And then send it to us. Free pocket pc games Free Download

Remember, it is totally, completely FREE to enter Hi Mom! if you get your entry in before JANUARY 1st, 2006! Entries received after January 1st will require a $15 late entry fee/slacker tax. The FINAL DEADLINE for entering Hi Mom! # 9 is MARCH 1st, 2006. To download an entry form, just click on the Hi Mom! # 9 Entry Form link on the left side of our website. Fill out the form and send your DVD or VHS entry to our P.O. Box. It's that easy. Thanks for entering or thinking about entering. Tell your friends and neighbors. We want their short films too. It's going to be another fun-filled fest and we want everyone to be a part of it! Your mom would want it that way...


himom1_cover (39K) himom1_cover (39K) himom1_cover (39K)
himom1_cover (39K)

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